Instant Booking Experience

Book flights and hotels for yourself or other (up to 8 travelers together in 1 trip)

  • TravelSuit’s simple and intuitive trip planner displays results from a vast inventory of flights and hotels.

  • Booking experience provides travelers with detailed information, tailored to company travel policy.

  • Location based search – search hotels according to location proximity

  • Show results on map with destination counter

Manage & Monitor in One Place

  • Enjoy a system that equips travel coordinators with real-time data and robust management capabilities.

  • Travel Policy Made Simple – Make smarter decisions with our simple yet powerful travel policy generator that is fully integrated into all search results, travel itineraries and reports.

  • Send for approval in 1 click (1 or 2 tier approval process)

  • Approval manager can view full itinerary with traveler search results

Powerful & Insightful Reports

Real-time robust reports allow you to deep-dive into your company travel data, understand traveler behaviors and generate  powerful insights.

  • View flights / hotels / individual traveler spent – drill down

  • Custom reports on travel spend displayed in in your company dashboard reports.

Commute with Peace of Mind

Our team of experienced elite Travel Specialists are available 24/7 to assist with anything that might go wrong: wherever, whenever.

One of the plus sides of booking business travel through a digital travel management company is the support provided.

With Travelsuit’s 24/7 in-house, worldwide support, you can speak to real people in real time to resolve your business travel problems.

Bringing consumer-grade travel experience to the business world

Schedule time to speak with one of our travel experts.

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