Instant Booking Experience

TravelSuit’s simple and intuitive trip planner was designed with you in mind – Traveler and Management Alike

Vast Inventory of Flights & Hotels to Choose From

TravelSuit is connected directly to an extensive inventory of legacy and low-cost flights and hotels via content aggregators including consumer grade content.

TravelSuit’s sleek UI assists travelers in making fast and smart decisions.

Travelers can easily compare flight and hotel results with sorting buttons that detail the most recommended, cheapest, fastest and closest results.

Get Personalized

With TravelSuit, every traveler has a personalized profile with detailed information needed to book a trip. This reduces the likelihood of making a data entry error and empowers travelers to book swiftly.

Booking experience provides travelers with detailed information, tailored to company travel policy.

Limitless Itinerary

Book multiple services on the same trip for multiple travellers – Full flexibility with robust search capabilities allows travelers to add as many flights and hotels as they want to a single trip – each with their own list of travelers.

Travelers can book flights and hotels for themselves or others (up to 8 travellers together in 1 trip).

Bringing consumer-grade travel experience to the business world

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