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  • 01 Why do I need a business travel management platform?

    Welcome to the 21st century! The world of business travel is advancing daily and companies that adopt a smarter business solution will gain, period. Here are a few reasons why you need an online business travel platform:

    • Technology & Service. You need a solution that combines superior technology enabling centralized processes with 24/7 personalized support worldwide
    • Travel policy compliance. Integrated ‘Travel Policy’ makes sure every traveller books within company guidelines.
    • Data analysis. Visibility into your company travel data, real-time reports on travel expenses
    • Inventory - Access to a vast consumer-grade inventory of flights & hotels
    • Consolidated payments of services

  • 02 What’s the difference between using TravelSuit and working with a travel agent?

    In today’s fast paced world, business travelers need a flexible, hassle-free, immediate booking experience with the assurance of  24/7 real live support.

    By using TravelSuit, companies:

    • Gain access to a vast inventory of flights and hotels - all the legacy inventory travel agent use including low cost providers such as Kiwi, and Expedia.
    • Have the ability to search and book flights/hotels simultaneously on one platform.
    • Save time by reducing back and forth communications with travel agent
    • Gain visibility into detailed travel spend and analysis
    • Get admin tools for managing travel policies
    • Have 24/7 real time customer support

    TravelSuit’s platform allows companies and business travelers to effortlessly book and manage their entire business travel process in one single place, quickly and efficiently.

  • 03 Why do I need to provide a Credit Card when I check in to my hotel?

    Depending on hotel policy, in most cases providing hotels with a credit card is a common universal practice. Hotels need financial security to cover incidental expenses acquired during your stay, such as mini bar expenses, room service, movies, etc.

  • 04 Where does TravelSuit pull its inventory of flights & hotels from?

    TravelSuit is connected to inventory of legacy and low-cost airlines and hotels via content aggregators including: Sabre, Amadeus and Kiwi for flights and, Expedia and Amadeus for hotels. 

  • 05 Why can’t I pick my seat on the flight?

    Currently this process is done via our support / chat and will be available throughout our online platform really soon.

  • 06 I’m not seeing the flights that I want

    We do our best to help you book exactly what you are looking for. In the event you are not seeing the flights you want, contact our support and we will do our best to find you the closest possible alternatives.

  • 07 Why do I see different search results than my colleague exact same search?

    Our system reaches out and gets the best price results for your search, which may change, according to pricing and availability from the airline suppliers. 

  • 08 I found a cheaper flight elsewhere

    TravelSuit is pulling flight availability and pricing directly from the airlines through several Global Distribution Systems.  Elsewhere, the actual price you see in search results may not be final as certain low cost platforms also add additional fees during the checkout process In any case, if you find a better price elsewhere, please contact our support to see how we could best accommodate your flight needs.

  • 09 How do I add my frequent flyer / loyalty card to my profile?

    Adding and changing frequent flyer cards to your account is easy! 

    If you are the traveller: Click on the right top corner, where your name is. A menu will open up, click ‘Edit Profile’

    Scroll down, click on the + and update away. Don’t forget to save your changes!

  • 10 Can I book additional services i.e car rental and insurance?

    Yes. Our customer support can assist with any additional services.

  • 11 When I submit my flight / hotel for approval, what does the ‘pending’ status mean?

    If your companys’ travel policy indicates that a trip needs to be approved by a manager, every draft that includes a selection of flights and/or hotels is submitted to the designated manager for approval. Once the approving manager approves the trip, all reservations are finalized and booked. Until then, the trip remains in the status pending.

  • Policy

  • 12 How can I make sure that our travel budget isn't exceeded?

    Setting travel policies will help you keep your travel costs under control by setting the rules and outline for your travelers, of what they can and should not book.

    Your policies could include:

    - How many days in advance should flights be booked

    - The maximum allowed cabin class for flights

    - Per-night budgets for hotels

    - Maximum star ratings for hotels

    For example, if you have set your Travel Policies such that flights should be booked 10 days in advance, and that only Economy and Premium Economy cabin classes are permitted - both result in generally lower flight fares.

    If your Travel Policy is set to ‘flights should be booked 10 days in advance’ 

    employees should make travel arrangements 7 or more days in advance of domestic travel and 14 or more days in advance of international travel.

  • 13 Can I amend / change the Travel Policy after I’ve created it?

    Only Administrators can make changes to the Travel Policy. 

  • 14 Can I choose flights & hotels out of my company's Travel Policy?

    Yes. Your company's travel policy are guidelines and best practices defined to keep all travelers within company guidelines for booking business travel.

    Travelsuit does not hide results that are out of policy and does not block their selection.

  • 15 Is it possible to have more than 1 approver i.e department manager and the admin?

    Yes. TravelSuits’ company travel policy accommodates various trip approval settings. You can view the different approval scenarios under the ‘Administration’ tab.

  • Support

  • 16 How do I contact support when travelling?

    Our customer support team is available 24/7 via phone, email and chat
    Our travelers don't have to call the airline or hotel directly as our support team takes care of everything which saves you time and hassle.

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