Who is TravelSuit?

We set out to change the future of business travel with solutions that are:


Zeevi Michel, CEO

Business travel is never “plane and simple”. It’s often a slow, inefficient process, with plenty of turbulence along the way.

Fielding travel requests, liaising with travel agents, and managing booking policies and expenses can leave travel coordinators feeling overwhelmed while frustrating travelers.

We want to change the future of business travel to make it simpler, faster, and smarter.

Bringing Business Travel into the 21st Century
Today’s business travelers – especially tech-savvy millennials – expect a consumer-grade experience from their tools, and business travel is no exception.

Consumer-focused online booking tools provide a superior user experience, but they lack personalization, management capabilities, customer service and comply to companies travel policies.

While we can’t help business travelers get over jet-lag, our intuitive, user-friendly travel management platform empowers them to book and manage their own travel while ensuring they stick to the rules.

Booking business travel is smooth and efficient.

Your Digital Business Travel Management Company
We care about you and your travelers. Our team of elite travel advisors provide 24/7, personalized support worldwide to make your business travelers happy before, during, and after their trip.

We are the business travel experts you can trust.

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